Courts Available 7/Days 8:00am - 11:00pm

Organise your Group Make-Up Classes here!

We want to make it easier to organise your Make-Up Classes.

Check the times available below, fill out the times and days that would suit you and we will message you back to confirm.

Group 7_18yrs Make Ups
Hotshots 4_6yrs Make Ups

Group lessons and Make-Up spots available - Please Note: They may change without notice.

You can also use your Make-Up Vouchers as a free Sunday court hire voucher to practice with if you like.

Fill in and Send us Your Preferred Make-Up Day and Time.

Select the class that is age appropriate.

All Junior Group and Hotshot Classes are subject to our Terms and Conditions

See Below Class Terms and Conditions & Why We Have Make-Ups

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