Courts Available 7/Days 8:00am - 11:00pm

NSW Sporting Schools Program & Funding

Exceptional Sporting Schools Tennis Program

We specialise in delivering a tailored program to Main Stream and Support Classes that kids love.

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I Did It!

“I Did It” is one of the best things you can hear as a coach.

“Playing is a fundamental right all kids should enjoy and learning new skills opens up more opportunities to play.”

Stewart Whicker – Head Coach/Program Director

Inclusion for All

We love working with people of all abilities and have developed programs that bring a smile and a few new skills to everyone that participates.

If you missed out on funding for the coming term, We would love to offer you a FREE TRIAL of Our Program.

Please contact Stewart Whicker on 0412 571 963 or by email above for more information

Client Testimonials

Learn more about the Sporting Schools Tennis Australia Program by clicking the link below.

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