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Stewart Whicker

Stewart Whicker

Head Coach/Program Director

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My name is Stewart Whicker and I am the Head Coach/Program Director at the Marconi Tennis and Squash centre, my experience of over three decades in the world of racquet sports, which includes working with beginners right through to ATP professional tennis players can help anyone with improving their game.

My coaching experience also includes working with clients with disabilities and coaching players from beginner to number one rankings in Australia, NSW & AIS scholarship holders and world professional ATP rankings.

My clients tournament results include Local, State & National Titles, ITF Titles, Grand Slam Junior Doubles Finals and International Titles.

I am also the creator of a quick and easy quiz that grades your level in Tennis or Soccer. Check it out here

We really have a great team at Marconi Tennis and Squash with extensive experience in coaching and advising all levels of ability.  

If you are looking for a team of coaches that can bring your game to the next level and answer the tough questions you want answered then contact us today.

“Peak performance is not about giving 100% it is about raising your preconceived limits“

“Without my wife Michelle and son Riley I would never have gotten where I am today”

  • Master Club Professional (2023)
  • Diploma “Leadership and Management” Deakin University 2023
  • Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach
  • Tennis Australia Coach member
  • ANZ Hot Shots Deliverer
  • Sporting Schools Registered Coach Provider
  • Community Coaching General Principles Certificate – Australian Sports Commission
  • Special Olympics online coaching course certificate
  • Tennis for schools workshop certificate – Primary Schools
  • Tennis for schools workshop certificate – Secondary Schools

Instructional Videos to Improve Your Tennis

By Stewart and Riley Whicker

Three fundamentals to get you started

How to hold a tennis racquet

How to hit a backhand

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