Our Story

Founded in 1998 by Stewart Whicker the Marconi Tennis and Squash (Expert Racquet Academy) has provided professional coaching services to over 25,000 students from beginners to aspiring professionals at Club Marconi in Bossley Park.

Over the years we have trained players to:

  • Number one rankings in Australia
  • Multiple National & State titles
  • ITF titles
  • Grand-slam Junior Doubles Final at the Australian Open 
  • Full time Australian Institute scholarship holder
  • NSW Institute scholarship holder
  • ATP rankings
  • WTA rankings

We provide the following facilities –

  • 2 Synthetic grass tennis courts
  • 3 Hardcourt tennis courts
  • 1 Hotshots mini court
  • 3 International standard squash courts
  • Change-room facilities
  • Full Pro-Shop

We cater to all abilities and ages, so if you want an experience that will stay with you forever, then Marconi Tennis and Squash is the place for you.

Learning new skills while having fun is our main focus.

I invite you to come and enjoy our services and great facilities.

Best Regards,

Stewart Whicker
Head Coach/Program Director
Marconi Tennis and Squash
Bossley Park, Sydney Australia.

Fairfield Champion Newspaper – 20th March 1998

The tennis and squash facilities located at Club Marconi have been a work in progress since 1974. Back then the local community was more rural than the densely populated community of today so just two Ant-hill (loam) tennis courts were erected to provide for the communities demands for a sport other than Bocce or soccer.

As the community grew so did its interest in racquet sports such as tennis and squash and so the Marconi Tennis Association was formed, followed by the addition of three more tennis courts (Hard-court) and the building of three Squash courts.

This expansion opened up Club Marconi as a truly recreational and sporting club which the community welcomed with opened arms.

The Marconi Tennis Association was run by a well organised and enthusiastic sporting body producing a large junior and senior competition base, reputable representative teams that competed with other tennis associations and an envied annual Club championship. Our Story

The Marconi Tennis Association continued with their great work for many years but like all family orientated sporting clubs they struggled in the early 90’s with declining patronage due to the changes in peoples working patterns.

These changes were caused by the increasing development of the two income family and the need for a second job which in turn whittled away weekend participation. Our Story

This phenomenon was experienced all over Australia and continues to be a contributing factor in the poor showing of senior and junior people participating in organised weekend sporting activities today.

Around 1995 – 96 the Marconi Tennis Association disbanded leaving the Club Marconi tennis and squash facilities in a managerial disarray. All organised activities ceased, no junior or senior competitions, no representative teams, no Club Championships and no coaching. Our Story

The facilities became open to abuse and disrespect, the only regulation of the facilities was the general court hire offered by the club. Our Story

Stewart Whicker approached Club Marconi in Mid-1997 and offered his services to manage and promote the tennis and squash facilities, Club Marconi engaged his services on a contract basis until he secured a lease agreement with Club Marconi in December 2001.

Since that time the Club Marconi Tennis Centre and Squash Centre have enjoyed rejuvenation with the tennis centre now holding the largest tennis tournament in the Fairfield District each year, having coaching programs with over 300 students per term, producing Australian champions and grand slam finalists and the squash centre winning multiple NSW pennant competitions.

To this day Club Marconi tennis and squash is a well-respected facility offering great opportunities to the community and its members.

Expanded Story – A little more history…

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