Which Defiant are You?

Are you a Constructive defiant or a Destructive defiant?

All humans are defiant, it is coded into our DNA.

Defiance could be the single most powerful human instinct that has shaped our world into what it is today.

Think about when you were a kid and was told do not touch the hot stove and you did just to know for yourself if it was hot or not.

Or when you were told no, when you wanted to go to a friend’s party and you still snuck out.

So what does defiant mean –

According to the Collins dictionary Defiant means, marked by resistance or bold opposition, as to authority, challenging.

Sir Richard Branson was told by a teacher once that he would either become a millionaire or end up in prison.

If he was a destructive defiant he would have ended up in prison.

You see Constructive people build things and Destructive people destroy things.

Next time you feel that instinct of defiance think about which one are you. Do you help yourself or hinder yourself?

I know plenty of destructive defiant people, I try very hard to stay away from them and I also know quite a few constructive people, I seek to be around them as much as possible.

When I was twelve years old my family of four older brothers and one older sister all went to a local tennis centre to play tennis.

Because I was pretty bad at tennis I was made to sit on the sidelines and watch.

It made me angry that they did not let me play and I remember all those years ago what I mumbled to myself sitting there watching. “I am going to be better than all of you one day”

Fast forward thirty plus years, I now own and run the Marconi Tennis and Squash Academy.

With over seven staff we teach three hundred plus students each week and thou I did not become a professional tennis player myself I have coached players to professional world rankings.

Many years after that trip to the tennis courts with my family I became the best tennis player in my family, thou my brother Matthew still thinks he can beat me, but declines my invitation to play even to this day.

Being defiant can build empires and can destroy them, it has been happening all throughout history.

Be defiant every day and watch your world change.

If you want help in becoming a constructive defiant get in contact, I will be more that happy to help.

Stewart Whicker

Head Coach/Program Director

Expert Racquet Academy

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